Quentin Stoltzfus is a Songwriter, Musician, Engineer and Producer living in Philadelphia.

contact: lightheatinfo (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Gal Atiya

    Hey Quentin. I came across your picture of your recording studio inside a yurt..could you share some perspectives about the idea of a yurt as a recording and mixing studio?


  2. qaas

    Hi Gal-

    I built the yurt you’re referring to with my father in 2010 on his farm in the Shenandoah Valley, and I’ve recorded there regularly since then. It’s really an amazing space to track, not just for the acoustics but also for the environment and isolation. I’ll generally try to spend one week to ten days there. That time allows me the space to focus without interruption or distraction. I deliberately designed it without an internet connection or a TV, so the only thing to do there is write, record, read, relax, take hikes on the farm, and maybe take on a woodworking or building project if I feel inclined. I generally average about a song a day, and thats with me playing all of the instruments. I haven’t ever mixed there, but only because I’m limited to the amount of gear that I can take in my car. That being said, I rarely change much with respect to balance and EQ when I take the tracks back to my studio. I’ll just run the tracks through outboard gear to sweeten them a bit. It’s pretty luxurious to track a lead guitar part while laying in the grass at night looking at the stars or to blast a mix while sitting by a campfire outside.

    Let me know if you have any other specific questions and I’ll be happy to answer them.


  3. Martino

    Hi Quentin,
    i found this blog wondering where the others members of Mazarin are ended up;
    It’s strange cause i’m from Italy and i’m 29 right now.. but Mazarin accompanied me in my teens and now still occurs that a Mazarin’s song cheer up my day… like today.
    What are they doing now? and what about you? i’ve listened the Light Head songs and i like they too; but what about you now?
    have a nice day;
    thank you..


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