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Data Garden is a journal, record label and events producer encouraging the discovery of electronic music through the windows of history, science and community.”

This is a beautifully designed and curated site that is expansive in scope and depth. I particularly love their video clips of Jordan BelsonDelia Derbyshire, and Herbie Hancock with his Fairlight CMI. Their four part series on ‘Expanded Cinema’ is an homage to one of the finest books about experimental cinema ever compiled. While technically it’s a tome exploring all the greatest works of experimental cinema up through 1970, I find it to be essential philosophical reading as well. It was one of the first books to open an in-depth dialogue about the convergence of Art, Science, Philosophy and Modern Media. It appropriately begins with Buckminster Fuller’s essay “Revolution in Wombland” and then explores many disparate yet finely interconnected concepts and ideas. It was the first place I was exposed to the concept of synaesthesia – “the simultaneous perception of harmonic opposites”. While actually a legitimate diagnosed neurological condition, I’ve always seen it as a way of describing and informing how music and visual art collides, or perhaps how it can collide. The entire book including the beautiful stills from the films it covers, is available to view online here.