AZUSA PLANE (Drummer 1995-1998)

MAZARIN (Songwriter, Principal Member, Co-producer)

“Wheats”/”John Cages Box of Feathers” 7″ (1999) *NME Single of the Week* 
Watch it Happen LP (1999)
“Chasing the Girl”/”The Divine Lorraine” 7″ (2000)
A Tall Tale Storyline LP (2001)
“Memories Change in Patterns”/ “Only Colombe” 7″ Sub Pop Singles Club (2002)
“Suicide Will Make You Happy”/ “Flying Arms for Driving” 7″ (2002)
We’re Already There LP (2005)
“Another One Goes By”/ “Hello Prudence” CD Single (2005)

BLOOD FEATHERS (Producer, Engineer, Drummer)

Curse and Praise (2006)
Goodness Gracious (2010)

APOLLO SUNSHINE (Producer, Engineer, Guitar)

Shall Noise Upon (2009)

FLASHY PYTHON (Producer, Engineer, Drummer)

Skin and Bones (2009)

PINK SKULLS (Engineer)

Endless Bummer (2009)

SUNSET (Producer)

Fishtown (For WEATHERVANE Music Organization) (2010)

CLEAN PLATE (Producer, Engineer)

S/T (2010)

BLACK FRITZ (Producer, Engineer)

As Yet Unreleased (2011)

CLAP YOUR HANDS SAY YEAH (Engineer/ Mix Engineer)

Live at the Barn (2011)

LIGHT HEAT (Songwriter, Principal Member, Producer, Engineer)

‘And The Birds’ (2012)


“Be Frank Furness” LP (2013)

PETER MATTHEW BAUER (Drummer, Engineer, Mix Engineer)


AM MILLS (Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer)

S/T (2014)

Bill Baird (Mastering Engineer)

Diamond Eyepatch (2014)


Other Engineering/ Production Credits:

Mit Nye Band – Copenhagen, Denmark
Jojolo – Phila, PA
Relay – Phila, PA
Public Record – Phila, PA
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Brooklyn, NY/ Phila, PA
Walkmen – NY, NY/ Phila, PA

Guest Musician Credits:

Lilys – Guitar, Vocals
Blood Feathers – Drums, Vocals
Espers – Tone Generators
Walkmen – Vocals
Apollo Sunshine – Guitar, Vocals
Flashy Python – Drums, Guitar
The Sounds of Kaleidoscope – Vocals
Bitter, Bitter, Weeks – Vocals
Sunset – Guitar

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